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Why Buy Australian Honey?

Australia is the world’s tenth largest exporter of honey. Yet unlike other major counties exporting honey, Australia has miles and miles of pristine native forests and strict regulatory guidelines that assure the quality of Australian honey. Australian honey is the premium choice for honey. It is clean and green, and the most delicious pure source […]

Honey as a Hangover Cure?

According to The Royal Society of Chemistry, a spoonful of honey on toast is the ultimate hangover treatment. The fructose that naturally occurs in honey helps the body to breakdown alcohol. Alcohol in the body is converted into acetaldehyde which  causes the headache and nausea associated with hangovers. Dr John Emsley, from the Society, said: […]

Welcome to Nature’s Beez Honey

Welcome to Nature’s Beez Honey. A boutique, family-owned business producing gourmet 100% Pure Australian Honey. Our business is based in Glen Innes, Northern New South Wales on the top of the Great Dividing Range. The positioning of our business allows our apiarists access to vast areas of native forests and rangeland in which to produce quality chemical free […]