Why Buy Australian Honey?

Australia is the world’s tenth largest exporter of honey. Yet unlike other major counties exporting honey, Australia has miles and miles of pristine native forests and strict regulatory guidelines that assure the quality of Australian honey.

Australian honey is the premium choice for honey. It is clean and green, and the most delicious pure source of honey in the world.

With unpolluted rangelands and mountains of diverse natural flora, there is no need for chemicals or fertilisers to enhance the growth of flowering vegetation to supply honey bees with pollen. Nature’s Beez Australian Honey is chemical and residue free.

Australia’s native gumtrees and floral ground cover create unique flavours of honey. Mild and aromatic honey, which has an ideal consistency and a golden amber hue. Nature’s Beez stocks pure unblended Iron Bark and Yellow Box Honey.

The Australian government and regulatory bodies have strict quality control procedures that all bee keepers and packers must adhere to. Diseases and honey contamination is minimal in Australia, and extreme lengths are taken to ensure that pests and diseases are quarantined outside Australia. Nature’s Beez hives are all disease free, as certified by third party bodies.

The Australian honey industry has a commitment to purity. Many overseas honey producers adulterate their honey to make it a common consistency, colour and flavour by adding additives, preservatives, sugars, syrups and extenders, artificial flavourings and colourings. A majority of Australian honey producers make honey that is 100% pure and natural. Nature’s Beez Honey is completely unadulterated and unblended.

There are low levels of microbiological organisms in Australian honey due to the strict health standards of Australian Law. Nature’s Beez honey is high in anti-microbial properties.

Nature’s Beez Honey is the honey connoisseurs choice when it comes to premium 100% pure honey of the highest quality.